Two tier Wedding Cakes

A close up photograph of this lovely 2 tier buttercream cake for Gemma & Liam’s wedding at Brooklodge. They chose some fab flavours, Gingerbread and Spinach & Blueberry. Two tier cakes are are very on trend this year, with many couples choosing to go with a 2 tier rather than a 3 tier.

I am a big fan of them myself, they look so modern and stylish. Especially when one tier is extra tall (We like our tiers nice and tall!) some of our two tiers would actually be as tall if not taller than some standard 3 tiers cakes! Check out our gallery to see images of some of our previous 2 tier cakes.

1 thought on “Two tier Wedding Cakes”

  1. Thank you so much Louisa for making the most beautiful cake for our wedding, it was amazing 💖 The flavours were so delicious and the presentation was more than we could ever expect

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