Vegan Wedding Cakes

Our vegan friendly wedding cakes are made with delicious plant based substitutes, even your non vegan guests won’t notice the difference.


Lemon & Thyme. A beautiful light moist lemon sponge infused with fresh Thyme leaves and organic lemons. Filled with layers of fresh lemon plant based buttercream.
(Contains Wheat, soya, coconut milk)

Dark Chocolate Banana. A gorgeous chocolate sponge with hint of banana. Paired with a Dark chocolate ganache and vanilla plant based buttercream filling. Absolutely delish! (Contains Wheat, soya, coconut milk)

Sage & Strawberry. A delicious twist on the classic Victoria sponge, baked with chopped fresh organic sage and paired with a layer of strawberry conserve & vanilla plant based buttercream. (Allergens : Wheat, soya, coconut milk, hazelnut paste, Almond paste)

Spinach & Blueberry. Spinach’s naturally mild flavour fades beneath the vanilla leaving behind its moist green goodness & fabulous natural colour. Layered with a fresh blueberry plant based buttercream filling. A delicious cake with beautiful natural colours and zero food colouring. (Allergens : Wheat, soya, coconut milk, hazelnut paste, Almond paste)

Brown sugar Cinnamon Apple. Lovely light flavourful sponge infused with a homemade applesauce, a gorgeous caramel apple flavour. Paired with a cinnamon plant based buttercream.(Allergens : Wheat, Soya, coconut milk)

Raspberry & White Chocolate. Lovely moist white chocolate vanilla sponge filled with a vanilla plant based buttercream filling and Raspberry conserve. (Allergens : Wheat, soya, Hazelnut paste, Almond paste, coconut milk)

Belgium Dark Chocolate Tiffin cake. This fabulous biscuit cake contains luxury 70% Belgium dark chocolate, Vegan friendly biscuits, sultanas and Raisins. (Allergens : Wheat, soya)

We have set prices for each size of wedding cake, you can see the sizes and prices on our Price guide page.

To check availability for your date, please contact us.

*please note all vegan cakes May contain traces of Milk. Cakes are made in a kitchen that does use dairy products and some ingredients used also state ‘may contain traces of milk’ due to where they are manufactured*

Semi naked wedding cake two tier
Photo credit – Remain in light photography.