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A carefully curated menu of delicious and unique flavours containing various fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients to enhance the flavours and texture of the sponge resulting in mouth watering delicious moist cake.

Cake slices

The quality and taste of the cake is paramount, all of our recipes are made from scratch and have been perfected to ensure we only produce beautiful tasting moist cake. We are as passionate about the taste and flavours of our cakes as we are the finished look. Always baked fresh using fresh ingredients, Irish butter, Irish eggs, and organic where possible. Never cake box mixes, artificial flavours or cooking chocolate. Some of the ingredients used in our cakes are even organically grown right here on our farm. 


Lemon & Thyme. A beautiful light moist lemon sponge infused with fresh Thyme leaves and organic lemon. Filled with layers of fresh lemon buttercream. (Allergens – Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Soy) 

Dark Chocolate Banana. A gorgeous chocolate sponge with a hint of banana. The banana in this cake makes it a lovely soft light chocolate cake, paired with a dark chocolate ganache filling. (Allergens – Wheat, soy) 

Spinach Vanilla & Blueberry. Yes spinach in a cake! Spinach’s naturally mild flavour fades beneath the vanilla, leaving behind its moist green goodness & fabulous natural colour. Layered with a fresh blueberry buttercream filling. A cake with beautiful natural colours and zero food colouring. (Allergens – Wheat, Eggs, Milk, soy)

Wild Sage & Strawberry. A delicious twist on the classic Victoria sponge, this buttery vanilla sponge is baked with chopped fresh organic sage and paired with a layer of strawberry conserve & vanilla bean buttercream. (Allergens – Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Soy)

Carrot & Coconut. A flavorful moist sponge containing organic carrot and ground spices. Paired with a light coconut buttercream filling. (Allergens – Wheat, Milk, Eggs, coconut milk)

Apple Salted Caramel. Infused with applesauce resulting in a lovely mild apple flavour sponge, very moist & layered with salted caramel buttercream. Devine! (Allergens – Wheat, eggs, Milk)

Velvety Vanilla. A lovely buttery vanilla sponge with a choice of  fillings. Choose from vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, salted caramel, or a conserve of your choice. (Allergens – Wheat, Milk, Eggs, soy)

Belgium Chocolate Biscuit. Fabulous chocolate biscuit cake made with luxury Belgium chocolate. Choose from a range of added extras such as mini marshmellows, maltesers, chopped fudge, honeycomb etc. (Allergens – Wheat, Milk)

Fruity Chocolate Biscuit. A modern delicious alternative to fruit cake. Luxury chocolate biscuit cake flavoured with rich fruits and warm spices. (Allergens – Wheat, Milk)

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Vegan, Gluten free and lactose free choices available – please enquire.

Extra Treats

We have mini cake options for all of the above flavours.

Traybake Treat Options

The ultimate chocolate brownies (vegan friendly version available)
Salted caramel chocolate brownies
Sweet cherry and raspberry cheesecake blondies
Chocolate tiffin (vegan friendly version available)

Please Note:

  • Allergen Information: All of our cakes contain wheat, eggs and dairy unless stated otherwise. Some contain nuts.  All of our products are made in a kitchen which uses nuts and dairy.
  • Gluten free cakes, lactose free cakes or vegan cakes are available upon request and are suitable for individuals who choose not to include gluten or dairy in their diets. If purchasing for an individual with an allergy, please bear in mind that these cakes are baked in a kitchen where gluten and dairy are present – Therefore we cannot guarantee that they are 100% allergen free.

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