Gluten Free Cakes

Though I say it myself, this one was truly adorable! It was a gluten free vanilla sponge for a communion. The Name lettering was created using the fab Sweet stamp by Amy cakes. Baking a good gluten free sponge is not always easy, the texture can sometimes be a bit off compared to cakes containing gluten. We are delighted that we’ve had good reports back from our gluten free cakes, coeliac’s even saying that it is the best cake they have ever tasted! Any of our designs can be baked gluten free, just check out our photo gallery page click here

When making gluten free cakes all work surfaces equipment, cake tins and utensils are throuroughly cleaned and sterilized, all gluten free ingredients are stored separately in a sealed containers to prevent contamination from other products containing gluten and I do not bake other cakes containing gluten at the same time as baking gluten free, however, allergy info: due to the fact that our kitchen is an environment where gluten and wheat produce is used, I cannot gaurantee that the cake will be 100% free from gluten. 

Louisa x

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  1. Can’t recommend Croft Cake Design highly enough. Brenna’s cake looked and tasted fabulous thanks to Louisa

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